Exoskeletal preciousness

Veive couture makes Italian design in Europe.

It fuses hi-tech and craftsmanship, unexpectedly.

Poetry and values unfold in richly sensorial artifacts.

Veive couture strives for excellence and beauty,

sought in nature and its extreme phenomena.

Precious exoskeleton to adorn corners of the body.

Tiptoe preview of the collections

If you care to have an exclusive Veive Couture artifact we recommend you to visit our brand new Webshop.
Here you can browse through our booming collection, our even request customised one-of-a-kind exoskeletal preciousness.
Veive Couture will enhance your uniqueness in every exclusive event,
from a vernissage, to a wild night in a club;
from a romantic dinner, to your most exciting VIP events.